How presenters plan to spend Christmas amid coronavirus pandemic

How presenters plan to spend Christmas amid coronavirus pandemic

Our presenters share how the pandemic has affected their Christmas plans and how they plan to enjoy the day amid the pandemic. 

Danny Painter
Danny Painter/ Supplied

Christmas 2020 will be like no other. Due to the coronavirus, people have been advised to avoid gatherings and visiting their family and friends.

But this does not mean Christmas has to be boring. Our presenters have shared how they will be spending their Christmas with the hope that their ideas will inspire you. 

Danny Painter

Danny says she is used to spending Christmas with her family. 

“We usually spend it all together as a family, with all the kids, nieces, nephews, aunties, and uncles around the pool with loads of bubbly and even more food and laughter!” says the presenter. 

She adds that the family also enjoys swimming. 

“We swim until the sun goes down and then swim some more.”

Apart from being together as a family, Danny says they are also used to cooking up a storm. 

“I normally cook a full roast dinner for everyone - Gammon, turkey, beef, chicken, yorkies, roast ‘taters', and all the trimmings! It’s loud, it’s festive, and it’s the best day of the year!”

However, she says this year she will only celebrate with her husband and pets.  

“This year will be decidedly different, we as a family have decided that because we are mostly in the same industry and have all been working and travelling that we will spend Christmas apart this year, to be safe! 

“So, Phil (my husband) and I will be spending our first Christmas together, alone since we got married! We do, however, have a festive Zoom cookout planned for Christmas Day with my best friend in Ireland. Other than that, swimming, turkey, and hanging out with my dogs!”

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Danny Painter
Danny Painter/ Supplied

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp

Christmas is a very special time for Elana, because that’s when she gets to be with her family and travel to her sister in London. 

“My hubby’s family go big on Christmas. Trees, festive cheer, gingerbread cookies, and, of course, presents to those who don’t have,” says Elana. 

“I am in charge of my legendary “Butter Turkey” on the 23rd. The 24th we do a big family lunch and on the 25th we open small gifts, sing songs around the piano, and have lunch at De Grendel Wine farm. It’s quite a feast.”

Another special thing that happens on Christmas is that she reaches out to the less privileged.

“One of the things we do around Christmas time is give back to children in our community. In 2020, my business partner, Kate, and I launched ‘Bag Of Joy’ (, Christmas in One bag, and some of the proceeds will be going to gifts to children in hospital over Christmas.”

For this year, the presenter says she will be avoiding parties and gatherings to stay safe. 


“Lockdown has interfered with a lot of plans this year and most of us have has so many conversations about how hard 2020 was. To my family and I, 2020 has been a year of gratitude. We will be at our Cape Town home, seeing our folks. We won’t be engaging in parties and seeing many friends and that’s ok. In previous years we would visit my sister in London. We will be in SA this year.”

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Elana Afrika Bredenkamp
Elana Afrika Bredenkamp/ Supplied

Mack Rapapali

Mack says Christmas has always been a great time for him to just chill, unwind, and listen to great music on the radio. 

“I usually spend my Christmas with the listeners of this amazing brand and station. Being able to hear and listen to their stories brings total joy in my life and the fact that I get the opportunity to play them more music they love brings even more joy. With not much left of my family and challenges, I've found a home through the Christmas frequency,” says the presenter.

He says the lockdown didn’t really mess up much of his plans.

“I'm planning to celebrate mine by keeping the airwaves alive and being a responsible adult waiting for January to embrace me with a birthday for my daughter. That's what I'm most looking forward to,” says the presenter.  


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