How to stop Facebook from tracking your online activities

How to stop Facebook from tracking your online activities

You won't believe that Facebook tracks every website and app you visit whether you are on or off the social media platform. Here's how you can stop that from happening.


Facebook users, beware! Your privacy on Facebook might be compromised. 

The popular social media platform is able to track your activities on the internet whether you are on or offline Facebook.   

According to Facebook, this is to give you a more personalised experience where you get ads based on the sites that you frequently visit. 

However, not everyone is comfortable with having their activities tracked by Facebook. 

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If you are one of those people who doesn't want to have Facebook spying on your activities, then take the following steps: 

- Log in to Facebook. 

- Go to settings. 

- Scroll up to 'Your Facebook Information'. 

- Under that section, click on 'Off-Facebook Activity'. You will see the websites you recently visited come up. 

- Click on 'Clear History' which will disconnect off-Facebook activity history from your account. 

- Click on 'More Options'. 

- Click on 'Manage Future Activities'. 

- Click on 'Manage future activities' again.  

- Click on 'Turn Off'. This will ensure that Facebook no longer tracks your offline activities. 

However, please note that this might take 48 hours before it is completely turned off. Also note that turning off the feature might prevent you from logging in to other apps and websites with Facebook. 

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