"I delivered my own grandchild"

"I delivered my own grandchild"

This grandma shares the amazing experience of delivering her own grandchild.


Pregnancy is often not easy, and giving birth can be one of the scariest things, because if not done properly, it could result in the loss of a baby. This is why it’s important to do all in your power to ensure that you have a safe delivery.

After having witnessed her daughter almost lose her first child due to hospital negligence, Chantal Brickles, a mother of three from Midrand, was not prepared to risk it with another grandchild.  

“Three years ago my daughter was pregnant with her first child. After her water broke and she had contractions, I took her to hospital. When we arrived there, they told her it wasn’t time to deliver yet, and the nurses left her there in the ward. As soon as they left, the baby came. When the nurses came back, the baby was already out.”

Chantal says this was not the only time she has had a bad experience with the hospital. She says her niece lost her baby due to hospital negligence as well.

“I didn’t want my daughter going back to hospital. I was not ready to risk it, because I saw how some nurses have lost compassion. So I decided that this time around, we were going to get a midwife. So that morning when my daughter had contractions, at about 5am, we called the midwife who was scheduled to help her deliver. I thought the midwife would be there on time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d deliver my own grandchild. But my granddaughter came before the midwife could arrive. She was born within an hour of her mom getting contractions.”

Chantal remembers the delivery like it was yesterday.

“My heart was racing. I was feeling different emotions, but I had to do it. I had no choice. So I asked God to give me wisdom, but I had to go with my gut feeling. I can honestly say it’s the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to me as a grandma. When the baby came out crying, I cried. I could only say thank you God.”

She adds that the experience has made her family bond stronger.

“I am more closer to my daughter now and I have a special bond with my granddaughter. She is now a few months old and is such a blessing.”

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