Inside the mind of a top recruiter

Inside the mind of a top recruiter

An exclusive interview with Charles Edelstein, director at Executive Placements.

Inside the mind of a top recruiter

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey. How did you get here?

After successfully attaining my CA(SA) qualification, I recognised a deeper passion for entrepreneurial endeavours and leadership within the business sphere, rather than confining myself to traditional accountant jobs or corporate roles. Consequently, I made the strategic decision to resign from my position. Venturing into diverse industries allowed me to explore various opportunities, until serendipitously aligning with a compatible partner – thereby sparking our journey into the dynamic realm of online marketing. It’s through this synergy that we’ve cultivated substantial progress and meaningful impact within the digital landscape.

What predictions or trends do you see happening within your industry in 2024?

As we reflect on the tumultuous shifts of the past year, 2023, one cannot deny the unsettling nature of these changes. Looking ahead to 2024, our collective aspirations are pinned on a year of relative stability, coupled with an optimistic outlook for the enhancement of the South African economy. It is our fervent hope that the coming months will usher in a period of resilience and growth, offering renewed opportunities for prosperity and progress.

Tell us about your product/service.

At Executive Placements, we proudly spearhead an innovative job portal that facilitates seamless recruitment processes for companies and recruiters alike. Our robust platform boasts an extensive CV database housing over three million top-tier candidates and empowers stakeholders to swiftly source talent tailored to their organisational needs. Additionally, it offers comprehensive coverage and optimal reach when carrying out a job search.

What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur to date?

In the ever-evolving online ecosystems, achieving market equilibrium is but a fleeting milestone. The dynamic nature of these environments necessitates continual adaptation and innovation. Even as one perceives stability, the landscape can swiftly shift – demanding unwavering dedication and creative ingenuity to realign with emerging dynamics. Moreover, for entrepreneurs steering relatively small enterprises, resource constraints often hinder the immediate acquisition of specialised skills which can be vital for rapid business expansion. Thus, strategic navigation and judicious allocation of resources become imperative in navigating the path toward sustained growth and success.

How did you get started in the business?

Embarking on our entrepreneurial journey, we initially delved into the realm of affiliate marketing. Recognising the inherent volatility and dependency associated with this model, we strategically pivoted towards mitigating risks by introducing our proprietary platform. This strategic evolution not only afforded us greater control over our operations, but also positioned us as pioneers within this competitive landscape. By establishing our own platform, we’ve forged a foundation for sustainable growth and innovation, ensuring enhanced stability and autonomy in navigating the intricacies of the business landscape.

Give us your top tips for business success.

Underestimating the challenges and risks inherent in launching a business is a common pitfall. My advice is to strategically transition to a business arena where you can leverage clear competitive advantages. By identifying and capitalising on your strengths, you can fortify your position in the market and navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with greater confidence and resilience.

Why do you think more South Africans need to support local businesses and entrepreneurs?

The fundamental principle remains unchanged: consumers gravitate towards products or services that offer maximum value. Our advantage lies in our ability to deliver superior service, which is tailored towards the unique needs of the South African market. Despite potential pricing advantages enjoyed by overseas competitors operating in multiple countries and territories, our localised approach ensures a level of service excellence that resonates deeply with our clientele and fosters enduring relationships and sustainable growth within our market.

How can people purchase from your business?

We have a call centre, however, people can email, call in, or purchase products and/or services online. With our comprehensive online platform, we are well-equipped to connect high-level candidates with the positions they most desire. Likewise, we can connect the most suitable candidates with organisations that require an excellent calibre of individuals, by offering each client a uniquely tailored recruitment solution.

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