Is it possible to love someone romantically but not be sexually attracted?

Is it possible to love someone romantically but not be sexually attracted?

Do you find yourself not sexually attracted to your partner? Relationship coach, Paula Quinsee, explains how that is possible. 

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It's natural for many people to feel sexually attracted to someone after they've developed feelings for them. 

However, for some people, the sexual feelings don't always develop. Why is this?

Relationship coach and international speaker, Paula Quinsee, says sometimes life experiences can contribute to this. 

She says "someone can go through a life transition and decide they have different sexual preferences". 

In other religions, sex can also be taboo and deemed as something that makes one to be impure. The expert says religion can also play a role in how one views sex and others might decide to become celibate for religious or other reasons. 

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Due to the many sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional attachments that come with sex, some people might also not desire to engage in sexual intercourse. 

Paula says there are other people not attracted to their partners sexually because they are asexual (the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity).

The relationship coach says for some couples, the loss of sexual attraction can come at a later stage in the relationship. 

"Over time we can get to a point where we can love each other and care deeply about each other like brother and sister or housemates and not be physically attracted to each other anymore. Rather it can become more about the companionship," she says. 

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