Jo-Ann Strauss's top tips for travelling with kids

Jo-Ann Strauss' top tips for travelling with kids

South African media personality and mom to three children, Jo-Ann Strauss, shares ten tips to help keep your kids happy while traveling. 

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International travel with kids may seem daunting for some – especially those mums and dads who have never gotten on a plane with their little ones, and even more so when it’s a long distance trip.

Well-known South African media personality, business owner and mom to three children, Jo-Ann Strauss, is someone who travels with her little ones a lot. Jo-Ann recently spent a week at the luxurious Club Med La Plantation d’Albion resort in Mauritius and another week between the family-friendly Club Med Les Arcs Panorama and Grand Massif Samoens Morillon snow resorts in the French Alps with her husband and three children.

“Thinking of traveling with kids? It's actually a great idea, but only if you have the right mindset and are well-prepared,” says Jo-Ann.

In one of her Instagram posts during her snow holiday, Jo-Ann noted “Initially the idea of traveling to ski with three kids aged 4 and under sounded like anything but a holiday, but it has been just that and so much more. Watching our boy learning to navigate the slopes like a pro and watching how each of them thoroughly enjoyed Club Med’s kids clubs was amazing. There is a baby club from 4 months, kids club for 2-3 year olds and from 4 years, they learn to ski!” 

One way to ensure travelling with kids is a smooth and memorable experience is to holiday at an all-inclusive Club Med resort, which, as Jo-Ann notes, includes kids clubs for children of various ages.

Here are a few more really handy tips from Jo-Ann for those wanting to travel with kids.

- Don't expect your trips to be like your past trips. It will be different, but memorable in a different way.

- Mentally prepare and set your expectations lower. If you expect not to sleep on a flight, you'll be pleasantly surprised to catch an hour or 4 of shut-eye.

-  Get all your documentation ready and in a plastic waterproof folder. Accidents happen with bottles and leaks.

- Plan your carry-on luggage cleverly. You might have delays. Make sure you can handle your carry-on and kids and remember some airports are huge and might require running.

- Take some dry snacks and some cheap new toys for distraction.

-  There are volume-limited earphones for kids and will help to protect their ears from over-zealous inflight entertainment.

- Kids cry. Adults snore. Don't let a mean person stare you or your crying kid down. He/she was a baby once too.

- Check luggage limitations and plan accordingly.

- Pack a smile and patience and remember - they are only small for a while.

- Drink one glass of bubbles or wine if you need to calm your own nerves. Kids can sense your anxiety and will mirror it. Be as calm as possible.

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