Katy Perry explains why she cannot have a full-time nanny

Katy Perry explains why she cannot have a full-time nanny

Katy Perry explained why she thinks having a full-time nanny can interfere with motherhood.

Katy Perry
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'American Idol' judge Katy Perry welcomed her first child together with Orlando Bloom in August 2020.

In a recent interview with 'SmartLess' podcast, she revealed just how much she enjoys being a mother. 

The 'Roar' hitmaker says that although her schedule is very tight due to work, she's uncompromising when it comes to being a mother and spending more time with her daughter. 

Like most working parents, the star had to hire a nanny to help take care of her daughter, Daisy Dove, when she is at work, but every opportunity she gets to spend with her daughter, she grabs with both hands. 

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She says although her helper is of great help, she doesn't want her to take over her role as a mother. As a result, she prefers a part-time helper instead of a full-time one. 

“I am working a lot and I’ve always worked a lot. I’m kind of a matriarchal figure,” Perry said. 

“I have a wonderful nanny, but I don’t have a full-time nanny because I feel like if I had a full-time nanny then I would never be able to know how to care for my daughter like I’m meant to,” she told Jason Bateman on the podcast. 

“And so therefore, any day I get off, I’m just in mom mode," she said. 

The superstar added that it "doesn’t matter if I’ve had a show that goes to 11 p.m. the night before, I’m waking up at six o’clock and we’re going to go and do breakfast and yes, I have the no sleep shakes.”

Katy has also spoken about the possibility of having another child. 

She told iHeart that due to her Las Vegas concert 'Play', which runs through August 2022, she cannot afford to fall pregnant at the moment. 

"I'm in Vegas, and I can't do that show with anything in my belly especially a human," she told the radio station. 

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