Keeping the weight off in winter

Keeping the weight off in winter

According to stats, people tend to gain two to three kilograms on average during the winter months. Here is how you can avoid gaining weight. 

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It goes without saying that many people put on extra weight during the winter season. 

By being aware of the factors that can contribute to weight gain, you can lower your chances of putting on the extra kilos. 

Let us look at five things you can do that can help you to stay healthy this winter. 

Don't stop doing physical activities

During the winter season, many people prefer to stay indoors. They prefer to be in bed with a blanket or sitting on a cozy couch. They also prefer to order groceries and takeaways online to avoid going out in the cold. Some even ditch their workouts because of the cold air outside. All these can lead to weight gain. 

So, rather choose to stay fit and healthy and avoid gaining weight by doing physical activities. 

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Do a meal plan 

The winter season sees many people consume foods that have lots of calories or meals that are too fatty. 

Foods such as vetkoes and fried chips are a favourite during the winter season. 

But the best way to eat well is to create a meal plan. Read labels on the foods you consume and make sure you're not consuming more calories than your body can burn. 

Eat more fruits and vegetable

For snacks, choose a healthier option such as fruits and vegetables. Not only are they more nutritious but they will also help you not put on weight. However, be mindful of how much you eat. For instance, according to Healthline, eating too many bananas a day may have detrimental health effects, such as weight gain, poor blood sugar control, and nutrient deficiencies.

Even when it comes to vegetables, don't eat a lot of starchy vegetables as they can cause you to gain weight. 

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Pay attention to how you prepare your food

Sometimes healthy foods can be destroyed by how they are prepared. Instead of frying your food, look at how you can grill or boil your meals instead. Also, stay away from using spices and sauces that have sugar, preservatives and fat in them. 

Be careful of how much sugar you consume 

There is strong evidence showing that excess dietary sugar is a cause of weight gain, states Medical News Today

During the winter season, a lot of people consume beverages such as tea and coffee. Although there is nothing wrong with drinking hot beverages to keep your body warm, be careful of how much sugar you put in them. If possible, don't put any sugar in or use alternatives such as honey. 

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