Liesl Laurie on pregnancy rumours: "Stop monitoring my womb"

Liesl Laurie on pregnancy rumours: "Stop monitoring my womb"

"Leave women's wombs alone! And if you don't agree with this Reel - block me!"

Liesl Laurie
Instagram/ Liesl Laurie

Married women are often put under pressure to conceive soon after walking down the aisle. 

However, the decision to have a child should solely lie with the couple. 

Some couples choose to not have children, while others struggle to conceive, and therefore society shouldn't pressure couples into having children. 

Former Miss South Africa and television personality Liesl Laurie has opened up about the pressures from social media to have a child. 

She says she is fed up with people who monitor other women's wombs. 

Over the weekend, Liesl's husband, Dr Musa Mthombeni, shared images from his graduation ceremony where he posed alongside his wife. 

Following the release of the images, social media went wild with speculation saying 'Liesl is pregnant'. 

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Liesl has now taken to Instagram to call out social media users who have made the assumption. 

She started by saying she couldn't believe that she had to educate people about leaving people's wombs alone. 

"Leave women's wombs alone! And if you don’t agree with this Reel - block me!" she captioned her Instagram post. 

"Leave my womb alone. Leave other women's wombs alone," she started by saying. 

She went on to address the rumors about her pregnancy. 

"Whether I am or not, and just to be clear I am not, I just feel like you guys want to be seen," she said. 

"This culture of wanting to be seen and wanting to out and be first, you guys need to stop it," she added. 

The former Miss South Africa said women who are pregnant will announce their pregnancy when they feel like it. 

"When women are ready to tell you whether or not they want to procreate, or whether or not they are pregnant, or whether or not they will be expecting they will do so in their time.

"You guys are honestly and truly starting to p*ss me off. I'm not someone who goes around cussing, and losing her mind or any of those things. I am really, really tired of this happening on my post and on other women's posts,” she said. 

The media personality says she is tired of being bullied. 

"I am really really tired of this happening," said Liesl. 

"Leave me alone. Stop bullying me! Yes, I’ve gained a couple of kilos. I’m also 33 years old and do not wish to be weighing 48kg like I was in my 20s," she added.

Her husband commented on her post, showing support to his wife. 

"Leave our womb alone! Pregnancy isn't a group project," he commented. 

Following the post, Liesl was trending on X with many supporting her.

Below is the post.

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