Major signs you need to kiss your friendship goodbye

Major signs you need to kiss your friendship goodbye

If your friend exhibits several of these symptoms, it may be best to discontinue the friendship...


Friends come and go, though some friendships do last forever. 

Like most relationships in life, there will be challenges that you will face as friends, but determining whether to let go or keep going can be hard.

The truth is, parting from a friendship can be heartbreaking, especially if you shared intimate details about your life or if you really care about your friend. 

But sometimes staying in a toxic friendship or pursuing one that is over can be more harmful than good. 

We looked at major signs that can be an indication that the relationship is over. When your friend displays many of these signs, then know that it might be time to let the relationship go...

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- You can't be free around them because you are afraid they will misinterpret or judge you.

- Your friend gets easily offended by things that you do. Even when you mean well and you constantly have to prove your love to them. 

- When your friend suddenly starts to disrespect your opinion and values, and doesn't demonstrate mutual respect anymore. 

- When you are no longer a priority or have to be the one who always has to call and check up on them. 

- When your friend comes up with all sorts of excuses why they can't make time for you. 

- When the friendship drains you instead of nourishes you. You feel emotionally exhausted from the friendship whether be it from conversations or just thinking about it.

- The core values of what made you become close have been compromised, for instance, when your friend has broken trust several times. 

- The connection you once had is gone and regardless of how much you do to try and reconnect, it just doesn't feel the same. 

- When your friend stabs you in the back. 

- When there are too many disagreements and you just never seem to see eye to eye anymore.

- When your friend never celebrates your success. 

- When all you do is give in the relationship, but hardly receive. 

- When your friend competes with you or every time you talk about your success, they remove the spotlight from you and want the focus to be on them. Signs of envy are very dangerous.  

- When all of a sudden you just get a bad vibe around them or have an unsettling feeling. It is important that you trust your conscience. 

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