Man caught monkeypox after going to crowded event - Report

Man caught monkeypox after going to crowded event - Report

An unusual case of monkeypox was recently disovered after a man who hadn't had sex in months caught monkeypox after attending a crowded event. 

Crowd Audience

A man was diagnosed with monkeypox after attending a large outdoor event, according to a report

The man developed a rash

 two weeks after attending an event in the UK.

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According to the report, the man's rash was swabbed and diagnosed as monkeypox. The man didn't have any other monkeypox symptoms.

Typical symptoms can include a fever, swollen lymph nodes, and tiredness, as well as lesions on the genitals and anus.

Most monkeypox cases in the current outbreak have been caused by sexual contact.

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The case is unusual but shouldn't be a cause for concern, the report said. 

On Friday, health minister Joe Phaalah made the announcement that the fifth person in South Africa was diagnosed with monkeypox. 

Phaahla said the fifth patient is a 28-year-old man from Johannesburg who traveled to the Netherlands and Spain. 

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"There are currently no smallpox or monkeypox vaccines registered in South Africa. We also don't have registered anti-virus for monkeypox."

The government is currently monitoring the situation. 

The World Health Organisation recently declared the virus a public health emergency.

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