#MandelaDay: Why you should assist Hospice

#MandelaDay: Why you should assist Hospice

This Mandela Day, Jacaranda FM and Good Morning Angels will assist Hospice. This is why...

Mandela Day 2022
Jacaranda FM

The reason why Hospice exists is to help desperately ill people and their loved ones. Hospice provides support in many different ways to improve the quality of life of patients and their families facing a life-threatening illness. This includes the prevention and relief of suffering, the early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, which may be physical, psychosocial or spiritual.

The number of Hospices operating in Gauteng stands at 17, with eight in the North West and two in Limpopo.

Hospice doesn't only care for dying patients. Their care extends to any person with a life-threatening condition, even those who can be cured. 

Hospice also trains and assists family members to care for these loved ones in their own homes.

There are a number of myths about Hospice that you need to know the truth about. 

Myth 1 – Hospice is only for people with cancer

More than one-fifth of all Hospice patients have a diagnosis other than cancer. Hospice also serves patients and their families who are coping with end-stages of chronic diseases like emphysema, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and neuromuscular diseases.

Myth 2 – Hospice care is expensive

Hospice services are covered by most medical aids. However, should medical aid funds not be available, or if patients are not on medical aid, Hospice continues to provide its services irrespective of ability to pay.

Myth 3 – Hospice is only for dying people

As a family-centered concept of care, Hospice focuses as much on the grieving family as on the dying patient. They offer individual and family counseling following the death of the patient. Hospice also offers grief services to the community at large – serving schools, places of worship, and the workplace.

Myth 4 – Hospice can only help when family members are available to provide care

Hospice recognises that terminally-ill patients may live alone, or with family members who are unable to provide care. Therefore, Hospice will make every effort to coordinate with community resources to make home care possible. Or they will try to assist in finding an alternative location where the patient can receive care.

 Myth 5 – Hospice is for people who don’t need a high level of care

Hospice employs experienced and qualified medical and nursing personnel with skills in symptom control. Hospice offers quality palliative care, using advanced technologies to prevent or alleviate distressing symptoms.

Myth 6 – Hospice is for people who can accept death

While those affected by terminal illness may struggle to come to terms with death, Hospice will gently help them to find their way at their own speed. Hospice welcomes inquiries from families who are unsure about their needs and preferences. Hospice staff are readily available to discuss all options and to facilitate family decisions.

Myth 7 – Hospice patients are not permitted to be hospitalised

Hospice patients are often admitted to Hospice from the hospital and sometimes vice versa. Hospice works together with oncologists, surgeons, and other specialists and organisations as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Myth 8 – Hospice believes in euthanasia

Hospice does not believe in or practice euthanasia. Requests for euthanasia are rarely sustained after control of pain and symptoms and once attention is given to the emotional and social needs of a patient. Euthanasia is a cry for help. Hospice responds by addressing the needs underlying the request for euthanasia. 

Hospices do require funding, however, support is appreciated in many different ways.

·       Food items for our indigent patients
·       Patient toiletries
·       Blood glucose monitoring machines with testing strips
·       Adult Molicare Nappies
·       Humidifier disposable sets
·       Surgical gloves
·       Heaters
·       Electric fans
·       Extension cords
·       Donations of pre-loved items for our charity shops
·       Volunteering time to Hospice in different departments

If you are unable to visit your nearest Hospice - please support them with a donation. 


For more information: 

Contact Number:

011 483 9100




[email protected]

Hospice charity shops in Gauteng:

  • Hospice Wits: 

Orange Grove, Louis Botha Avenue, Norwood; 

Parkmore, 11th Avenue Benmore; 

Kensington, Queen Street, Bedfordview 

(011 483 9100)

  • Stepping Stone Hospice:
15 Heidelberg Road, Newmarket Estate, Alberton (011 442 5059)

  • Centurion Hospice:
Cnr North Streer & Clifton Avenue, Lyttelton Manor (012 664 6175)

  • Sungardens Hospice: 

18 Twig Street, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria (012 348 1934)

  • Wide Horizon Hospice: 

13 Cassino Road, Duncanville, Vereeniging (016 428 1410)

  • FWC Hospice: 
Corner Harmony & Retief Streets, Hursthill, Westrand (011 837 2999)
  • Ladies Of Hope: 
243, 6th Avenue, Mid-Ennerdale (010 23 0046)
  • St Francis Care Centre: 
30 Olivia Road, Eveleigh, Boksberg (011 894 4151)

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