Mandy the Monkey raises awareness about Breast Cancer

Mandy the Monkey raises awareness about Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here is how Mandy the Monkey is making a difference in the lives of the many women affected by cancer.

Mandy the Monkey
Mandy the Monkey/ Supplied

Breast cancer is the leading cancer affecting women in South Africa and one in 26 women are at risk of being diagnosed in their lifetime. This is according to CANSA

One of the ways to help determine breast cancer at an early stage is to know the risk factors. A self-examination of the breasts is also key to helping detect cancer in its early stages and to get treatment.

To self-examine, women can check for any lump, thickening or hardened knot around the breast. Even any change around the breast could be a sign that one needs to get checked at a local clinic or a CANSA Centre.

There are multiple methods or tests that are used to diagnose Breast Cancer - mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, and biopsy. 

If one is found to have Breast Cancer, treatment can be offered in the form of surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapies.

Mandy raises awareness 

To help raise awareness around breast cancer, Autohaus has come up with an initiative, with Mandy the Monkey the face. 

Mandy is a female toy monkey tied with a pink bandana around her neck to represent the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness. She also carries vital Breast Cancer information which is placed in a sewed handbag that she carries around with her. She is then given to random women on the streets, who are not only meant to read the cards in her handbag, but are to entertain her for a day, take pictures, and post them on Facebook with #MandytheMonkey and tag Autohaus Centurion. 

The initiative is running for a second year. In 2018, Mandy was given to several women in Gauteng and even found herself at the CANSA Relay for Life event, where she met many cancer patients and survivors. She even spent the night in some cancer survivors’ homes. 

This year, Autohaus still aims to continue educating South Africans about Breast Cancer through Mandy. The toy monkey was given to an Autohaus staff member who is a Breast Cancer survivor on 1 October. To date, she has been passed on from one woman to another in Centurion and more women are hope to be reached. Mandy will go home to Autohaus Centurion on October 31, when Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end.

If you happen to be given Mandy, here are rules of how she is to be treated:

-  Keep Mandy for 1 day only, then pass her on to the next random lady.

-  Mandy must meet 1 new lady every day and she is not allowed to remain in one household or company for more than a day.

- Mandy must remain in the Centurion area as this is where her mission is.

-  Please take creative pictures with Mandy as she loves adventures & tag Autohaus Centurion – Volkswagen on Facebook PLUS add #MandytheMonkey in your post so we can all enjoy her venture and track her.

- Take care of Mandy whilst she visits you as she is very special to Autohaus Centurion and represents a very important mission – Breast Cancer Awareness.

-   Please make sure all her accessories remain intact and with her when passed on.

- The final lady on 31 October, can contact marketing on 012 942 1564 to arrange for her return.

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Mandy the Monkey
Mandy the Monkey/ Supplied

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