Menstrual hygiene: The health dangers of wearing your pad for too long

Menstrual hygiene: The health dangers of wearing your sanitary pad for too long

Here are reasons why it is important for you to change your sanitary towel regularly and tips for ensuring menstrual hygiene. 

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Wearing the same pad for a lengthy period of time is a health hazard. It can cause your health to suffer in the long run.  

Experts recommend that you change your pad at least every six hours if you have light periods, but for those with heavy periods, you are supposed to change the pad at least every four hours.  

The dangers of wearing your pad for too long

There are several problems that wearing the same sanitary towel for too long can cause.

- The trapped moisture provides a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

- The bacteria and fungus can cause an infection - including a yeast infection.

- A damp pad can also cause irritation. 

- If you don’t change your pad, you are at risk of accidental leaks. 

- A damp sanitary towel will also give you a bad odour. 

Tips for menstrual hygiene

It is important to ensure personal hygiene during menstruation and avoid the risk of infection.

- Wash your genital area daily. It’s important to keep it clean and remove any organisms which remain after you’ve removed your sanitary products.

- Avoid using pads and tampons at the same time. It is unnecessary and might result in an infection.

- Wash your hands after changing your sanitary pad or tampon. Germs from your hands are dangerous.

- Dispose of your tampon or sanitary pad correctly. Ensure that you fold and cover your pad or tampon with a few layers of tissue then throw away in the rubbish bin. Do not flush them, because that might clog the drainage system. 

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