Monday Motivation: Choosing inner peace in 2024

Monday Motivation: Choosing inner peace in 2024

Here are tips to help you maintain your peace in the new year. 

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Peace is described as freedom from disturbance.

It is one of the most important traits to have, yet, often we allow so many things to steal our peace. 

Today's Monday Motivation highlights the importance of being intentional about maintaining your inner peace this year if you want to live the best life. 

To successfully maintain peace, it is important to identify the common things that destroy inner peace. 

One of the biggest things that destroy our peace is worrying about tomorrow.

Many people spend their lives worrying about the uncertainties of tomorrow, especially in the conditions our country finds itself in. However, it is crucial to understand that worrying about tomorrow does not fix anything or change what tomorrow might bring. Instead, it robs us of enjoying the present moment. Worry takes a toll on your emotions and can even sometimes affect your physical health. This is why it is important to guard your mind against worry. 

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Another important thing to pay attention to is knowing how to deal with conflict in relationships. This will go a long way in ensuring that you can maintain your peace. 

Most relationships will have moments where you won't agree on matters. As you go about the relationship, it is important to study the characters of the people you are in relationships with and identify triggers. If you realise that certain things are triggers, rather avoid them or find other ways to deal with matters. What destroys most relationships and disturbs peace is when we choose to win arguments instead of learning the art of knowing when to let go so we can maintain peace in the relationships. It is better to lose an argument than someone you love dearly. 

Also, know what things you can change and accept the ones you cannot. Learn how to deal with your emotions and reactions to matters. 

Another thing that steals our peace is staying in toxic relationships and environments. There are certain relationships and environments that you cannot remove yourself from such as family, but in relationships you can remove yourself from, it is better to remove yourself so that you don't have to deal with conflict. 

Remember to maintain peace, create a peaceful environment, and treat others with kindness and love. 

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