“My fiancé shot me just three months before our wedding day”

“My fiancé shot me just three months before our wedding day”

Singer Morwesi Sebiloane explains why she married the man who almost took her life.

Morwesi Sebiloane
Morwesi Sebiloane/ Facebook @Morwesi Sebiloane

Imagine walking down the aisle with a man you know almost took your life. Hard to imagine, right?

But for Morwesi Sebiloane, this is her reality. The singer almost lost her life three months before her wedding after her then-fiancé shot her.

Talking to us about the ordeal, Morwesi says it came expectantly.

“My fiancé was not a violent man, and he wasn’t abusive. So, I was shocked when one day he came with a gun, accompanied by another woman, and shot me twice,” says Sebiloane.

As puzzled as she was, she says before her fiancé could shoot the third bullet - which was aimed at her head, she prayed, and he stopped shooting.

She says he then turned and gave the gun to the woman he was with, whom Sebiloane says was the root cause of their disagreement. 

Sebiloane says the lady had been feeding both of them lies. Her lies caused Sebiloane to even tell her fiancé that she is calling off the wedding. She says the woman then went to tell lies to her fiancé and even gave him a gun. The fiancé was so angry that he came accompanied by the woman to shoot Sebiloane. 

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But for Sebiloane, who is a Gospel singer and a firm believer, this was a result of the devil using the woman to give her now-husband the gun. So, she says this is why she found it so easy to forgive her husband, who visited her in the hospital to apologise. After getting out of the hospital, the two continued with their wedding plans despite the incident.

They have now been married for 20 years and Sebiloane says they have a great marriage and she has never had trust issues.

“He is my executive producer and the reason I even recorded my music and the world knows me,” says Sebiloane. 

She says he is the best husband and supports her career.

However, she says she is strongly against anyone staying in an abusive relationship. 

“In my case it was just an incident that just happened, but for someone who is there [in an abusive relationship] I don’t promote abuse,” says Morwesi.

"Get prayers, advice and let the perpetrator seek help. Abuse not only affects the perpetrator and victim, but it also affects even your children,” she says.

Sebiloane, who says she was saved by prayer, says prayer can never be overlooked because God “will direct you and penetrate the heart of the perpetrator. He is able to see the root cause of the pain. Look at it [situation] with love and forgiveness.”

However, she says if a person is not changing, it’s important to spare your life and leave.

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