My first day in High School

'My first day in High School'

A group of Grade 8 pupils share their first day of high school experiences. 


Schools in South Africa opened on Wednesday. For a number of children, this day meant the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Some went to Grade R, others primary school, while some went to High School for the very first time. 

We had a chat with some Grade 8 pupils who shared their experiences with us. 

Thandaza Nkuna (13) from JH Moloto High School in Limpopo

My first day in High School was very nice because I managed to make new friends and meet new teachers. Though I was scared at first because of having to meet unfamiliar people, the experience turned out well. 

Tlou Matsetela from JH Moloto in Limpopo

I have to be honest that I was scared of starting High School. This morning I didn’t even want to come to school, but I just forced myself to. I’m happy the day is over. I managed to even make new friends and I am determined to have a bright future. 

Motheo Manyathela from JH Moloto in Limpopo

I managed to make two new friends and met new teachers. I am really looking forward to the year and hoping to be a good learner. 

Shavir Vallabh (Sagewood School in Midrand)

My first day in High School was good. It wasn’t exactly what I expected as I had expected to be pretty much like Primary School, but just a new place. But numerous things were different. Our timetable is odd, we had new teachers and a new classroom and we were treated differently. But I feel the rest of the year will be okay.

Ria Roopmarian (Sagewood School in Midrand)

The minute I realised that I made it out of Primary and will be going to High School, I was very excited because I was hoping to start afresh. I got to meet new people and our teachers were great.

Prenique Sam (Sagewood School in Midrand)

I was scared of coming to High School, because now there are older kids and much more difficult work. But I had a good experience. Everything is chilled. No one bullied us. I think it’s going to be fun for the rest of the year. 

Abigail Ragwasha (Sagewood School in Midrand)

My first day was nice and I enjoyed the classes, but I found it very difficult making friends. High School is not what I expected. I expected that I would just go to people and ask them to be my friends, but when I saw people hanging out, I got scared of approaching them. I’m normally not a shy person, but today I was shy. Going forward, I expect to get very high marks which I will work for and I also expect love and respect from the rest of my schoolmates. 

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