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A new era in advertising?

Are the days of advertising being an Old Boys' Club really in the past? Today, there are plenty of women in Adland, but are they staying? And has the glass ceiling disappeared, or has it just become harder to see?

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In the latest episode of the Talking in Creative Circles podcast - the official podcast of SA's advertising industry - the leaders of the Open Chair movement share how they believe it can help make the advertising industry better.

Open Chair exists for two main reasons: 

1. To inspire and uplift women in advertising and marketing, ensuring that they stay and take up senior roles.
2. To help make the industry safer for ALL our people. 

The women at Open Chair recently launched #OnMyWatch - a Code of Conduct that aims to tackle the problems we still face, that are rarely spoken about.

Join the conversation with Independent Creative leader Suhana Gordhan, Nkgabiseng Motau, CCO of Think Creative; Melina McDonald, Executive Producer at Darling Films and guest host and Chairperson of the Creative Circle, Carl Willoughby.

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Get in touch with Open Chair for a copy of the Code of Conduct via [email protected]

Find Open Chair on social media:

Instagram: openchair_
Facebook: Open Chair

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/openchairsouthafrica/

Go viral with your marketing
Meanwhile, in the previous episode of the Talking in Creative Circles podcast:

Ever wondered how some marketing campaigns just seem to catch fire and get everyone talking? It's all about mastering Earned Media – the art of getting organic buzz without paying for it. 

Earned Media happens when your content is so good that people can't help but share it. Mike Sharman, Chief Creative Officer at Retroviral, sums it up: "Earned Media is really around other people bragging about your work for you."

To find more about Earned Media and how to get it, take a listen to this episode which features Keri-Ann Stanton, PR Strategist and Creative at KAMuses; Steph van Niekerk,  ECD at TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris and Mike Sharman.

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What is it that makes an ad truly award-worthy? Episode one of Talking in Creative Circles takes you behind the scenes of the South African advertising industry, starting with a deep dive into the 2023 Creative Circle Best of the Year awards.

Industry heavyweights Carl Willoughby, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Sibusiso Sitole, Chief Creative Officer and founding partner of The Odd Number, and Roanna Williams, Chief Creative Officer & co-founder of Boundless dissect the winning campaigns, discussing trends across categories and the importance of creating ads that resonate with a brand's identity and purpose.

Listen to episode one below.

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