New rare sexually transmitted infection discovered

New rare sexually transmitted infection discovered

The new infection causes genital and pubic rashes.

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A new sexually transmitted infection (STI)  has been discovered. 

According to NBC, the rare sexually transmitted fungal infection was discovered in the US. 

The latest case is reportedly from a 'New York City man in his 30s who reported having sex with multiple men during a trip to England, Greece and California. When he got home, he developed a red, itchy rash on his legs and across his groin and buttocks,' reports NBC. 

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Doctors said tests proved that he had the new sexually transmitted fungus called Trichophyton mentagrophytes type VII.  

According to the report, there have been 13 other such cases reported in France. Twelve of the cases were reportedly from patients who were men who had sex with other men.

According to Healthline, 'in some parts of the world, this fungus is drug-resistant, but in the US, it still responds well to common antifungals'.


- Itchy eruptions in the groin. 

- Itchy red, rash on genitals and buttocks. 

- Inflamed circular patterns on the skin.

- A patch or patches of dry, scaly skin. 

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 T. mentagrophytes genotype VII can be diagnosed through fungal sampling/scraping, according to Healthline


Dr Aniruddha Hazra, MD, who is an infectious diseases physician and associate professor of medicine at UChicago Medicine, said that 'while the infection is not fatal, it can cause permanent scarring,' he reportedly said according to Healthline. 

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