Nine things to avoid saying on a first date

Nine things to avoid saying on a first date

Don’t ruin your chances of a second date by saying these absurd things!

Nine things to avoid saying on a first date

February is the month of love, so you might well find yourself on a first date in the near future.

First dates can be stressful enough without the extra worry of saying something ridiculous and ruining any chance of a second date. 

There is no telling how a first date conversation will end up, but make sure you do not say these cringeworthy things. 

What car do you drive? How much do you earn?

Nothing says gold digger more than asking someone what car they drive or how much they earn!

You remind me of my ex/dad

There is nothing more off putting than your date constantly talking about their ex. It shows you are not really over your ex. You also don’t want to compare someone to your mom or dad.

When do you want to have babies, get married?

Babies and marriage discussions are not good first date conversations starters.  You are still getting to know your date and you do not want to send him/her running for the door.

I don’t usually date guys/girls like you OR you look much better in real life 

This is seriously offensive and could definitely ruin the entire date.  

Sorry, what did you say your name was? 

Nothing says you’re disinterested more than forgetting your date’s name. Listening also helps you get to know your date better, which helps decide if you want to go on a second date.

No second date if he says this….

I brought two condoms just in case: Nothing says I want to get to know you more than condoms - not!

After I got out of jail…: Whoa, he just got out of jail? Kindly excuse yourself to the bathroom and then find the nearest exit. He might be a changed man, but that is certainly not something you want to know on the first date.

I hope you brought your wallet: Most couples go 50/50 on dates, but the first date should definitely not be a 50/50 type of situation. The person who asked for the date, should pay first time around, and then going forward you should definitely be open to splitting the bill or even paying for the entire meal. That being said, some women and men go 50/50 on the first date so if it goes horribly wrong they don't feel bad about kicking their date to the curb. But asking your date if he or she brought their wallet is bad first date etiquette. 

Remember to have fun on your date and let your personality shine through.

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