Parenting: Strengthening the relationship with your children

Parenting: Strengthening the relationship with your children

How can families grow closer together while juggling the demands of work and school, keeping in mind the social media era we currently live in? Here are great tips to follow. 

Family eating together
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Family is life's greatest blessing, this is why it is important to nurture the relationship.

With so many demands that life throws our way, one has to be intentional about making a personal investment into family relationships. Otherwise, there is a high chance of disconnecting and just co-existing in a home. 

Let's look at how you can strengthen your family relationship.  

Eat together

There is something special about sharing a meal. This is why many people grew up eating together with their family around the dinner table. 

However, with times changing, many families are losing that. Sometimes this is because of work dynamics and the busyness of life.  

But being intentional about eating together is one way to build strong family bonds.  This is because you use the time not only to eat, but you get to talk, laugh, and just connect on an emotional level.

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Be involved in your kids’ lives

It is every parent’s priority to raise their children and instill in them valuable lessons.

Parenting is not only about being a provider of material things, feeding your children or ensuring there is a roof over their heads. Parents are tasked with much more than that. The way you raise your children will shape their world view and influence the adults they become.

So, spend time with them and enquire about their day, pay attention to their friends and people they hang around etc., and be intentional about teaching them valuable lessons that will shape them to become great adults. 


Tell your children you love them

It is one thing to demonstrate love to your children, but it is also important for them to hear you say those words.

Also, encourage your children to verbalise their love for you.

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Have outings as a family

Spending quality time outside of the home is one way to ensure you build strong family bonds.

Be wise in your selection of activities, and include your children in choosing what they would like to do. This way, it gets to be a fun family activity that also caters to them.


Do what your children love

What are your children's hobbies and is it something you can do with them? 

Why not invest time in doing activities together as a family? For instance, if your children love playing video games, you can ask them to teach you how to play and then join in the fun. In exchange, if you love cooking, you can also get them to join you in the kitchen. 

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Switch off digital distractions

Social media can eat up a lot of your time if not managed properly. Parents and children end up knowing more about the world and neglect investing in knowing their own family members.

As a family, decide on how much time you want to spend on social media, but don't neglect to set aside time where you get together without any digital distractions. 

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