Parking in these spots will result in a fine

Parking in these spots will result in a fine

This is how much you can end up paying for parking in the wrong spot...

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Twitter was abuzz on Tuesday night after a video was released showing Ntando Duma involved in an argument with a lady for parking in the wrong spot. 

Duma was live on Instagram when the incident happened. 

In the video, a lady can be heard reprimanding the South African actress for parking in a spot allocated for the disabled. 

The woman, who remains unseen throughout the video, can be heard telling Duma: “My point is you’re not allowed to park in there. There’s a ramp… there’s a sign there that says 'Wheelchairs only’”. 

Duma then asks the woman: “Who says I’m not using a wheelchair?”. 

The actress carries on insulting the lady, even threatening to beat her up. 

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Duma has since apologised. 

"In light of a recording from last year which has recently surfaced, I would like to apologize unreservedly as I fully understand that my behaviour was unaccceptable," she said in a statement posted on Twitter. 

Parking in the wrong spot is not only a violation of the law, but it can result in a fine. 

Below, Foresight Publications has released a list of parking spots and how much you would be fined should you park in them illegally. 

Stopping or parking: 

- Alongside/opposite another vehicle where road is less than 9 metres - R 1 000.

- Alongside or opposite an excavation or obstruction - R 1 000.

- At or within 6 metres of a bridge or tunnel - R 1 000. 

- At or within 6 metres of narrow portion of road - R 1 000. 

- Constituting a danger or obstruction - R 1 000. 

- Within the railway reserve of level crossing - R 1 000.

- On the wrong side of the road - R 1 000.

- In contravention of a “no-stopping” sign - R 750.

- On a freeway illegally - R 500.

Parking in the following spots will result in a R250 fine: 

- In contravention of any road sign.

- Double parked.

- At excavation or obstruction.

- Within the railway reserve of level crossing.

- Within 9 metres of an approach to pedestrian  crossing.

- Where width of road was constricted.

- Within tunnel or on a bridge.

- Obstructing a fire hydrant.

- Obstructing a traffic sign. 

- On the sidewalk.

- On non-urban road within a metre of the edge.

- Blocking entrance to  public road.

- Within 5 metres of an urban intersection.

- On the actuating mechanism of a robot.

- Further than 450 mm from the kerb.

- On road less than 5,5 metres wide.

- On a traffic island or pedestrian mall.

Image courtesy of iStock/ @ Kateryna Kukota

DISCLAIMER: The fees stated in this article are an estimate

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