This phone costs a whooping R11-million

This phone reportedly costs a whooping R11-million

How much are you willing to fork out for a phone?

Man holding cellphone
Man holding cellphone / iStock

It is reported that 90.97% of people in the world are cell phone owners.

Although many cell phones cost a couple of hundreds or thousands of Rands, there are those that are aimed at the elite in society, costing a couple of millions of Rands. 

According to several publications, the most expensive phone is Caviar's new diamond snowflake iPhone 14 Pro. 

The phone cost a whooping $600,000 (approximately R11-million). 

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Vlogger Marques Brownlee says the phone is covered in 570 diamonds and 18K white gold. The vlogger adds that there are only three of these phones in the world. 

Because of the diamonds, the iPhone is twice as thick as a typical phone and comes with a key for its box. 

More about the expensive phone in the video below. 

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