Powerful tips to improve work-from-home productivity

Powerful tips to improve work-from-home productivity

With the new year getting back into full swing, working from home might still be a reality, so here are some tips to be more productive.

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Tip #1: Avoid going online first thing in the morning

Working from home can make it hard to separate your work and private life, so you should avoid going online until you are ready to start work, and that means giving social media a break because you will get more than enough screen time later in the day.

Tip #2: Shower and get dressed

It might seem silly to get ready completely if you are at home the whole day, but adding this simple routine can help prepare your “I’m going to work” mindset to shake off the laziness.

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Tip #3: Listen to music or a podcast

It is crucial to start the day off right, so pick a media you enjoy, like music or a podcast and listen to it while eating breakfast or getting dressed to help set the mood for the day and get into the zone.

Tip #4: Break your day up into chunks

One of the biggest perks of working from home is working to your own rhythm instead of doing what everyone else is doing, so capitalise on that and break your work into 25-minute chunks with five-minute breaks in-between. This method has been proven to improve productivity.

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Tip #5: Make your workspace greener

This last tip is about making your workspace more inviting and comfortable. By adding a few plants to your space, you can make it fresher and much more pleasant to be in for extended periods.

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