Presenters share their plans for Mother’s Day

Presenters share their plans for Mother’s Day

Want to spoil mom this Mother’s Day? These presenter ideas will inspire you!

Mother's Day
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Finding the perfect way to spoil mom on Mother's Day is not so easy.

Because we know you want the day to be perfect and want her to know you appreciate her, we asked some of our presenters to share their inspirational ideas.  

Carla Mackenzie


Carla plans to let her mom know just how special she is by sending her flowers.


“My mother lives in the Western Cape, so I won’t be able to spend the day with her. However, I’ll deliver flowers to her on Sunday. Shhh, don’t tell her!”


Liesl Laurie


“I will be away on Mother’s Day, so I feel like a very bad child, but I have planned that when I am back in South Africa, myself, my mom, my grandmother, my sister, two of my best friends, their mommies and their sisters, we are all going to a spa.”

To make the day even more special, Liesl says the group will also enjoy a manicure and pedicure.  

Danny Painter

For Danny Painter, the day will be filled with lots of memories and a great meal.

“We’ll probably take roses to the cemetery with my mom to say happy Mother's / Grandmother's day to my nan and then have a small lunch for my Mom. It's a bittersweet day for all of us because it's a reminder of what we lost in 2019, but we'll make it as special and beautiful as we can.”


Renaldo Schwarp


“I will be spending the day with my mom and gran – a very chilled Sunday lunch. Luckily, they stay just a 20-minute drive away from me, so it’s very easy to pop over and spend much needed time with the two ladies who shaped me to be the man I am today,” says Renaldo.


Rozanne Mckenzie 


For Rozanne, this Mother's Day is about allowing her family to appreciate her as a mom. She says she is planning to do "as little as possible” and adds that" her kids are going to treat me like a queen, which they do on most days anyway." 


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