Has your relationship taken strain in lockdown?

Has your relationship taken strain in lockdown?

Has your relationship taken strain over the past several months of lockdown living? Many couples have been together 24/7 - whereas previously they'd often have time apart during the working day, and would reunite in the evening.

Clinical Psychologist, Dorianne Weil

Clinical psychologist 'DrD' Dorianne Weil has received numerous queries around this topic, and has some very practical advice for repairing or building a stronger relationship.

Being locked down and locked in with your partner, 24/7 can add an extra layer of stress and tension to your relationship.

"The way and the space in which you're relating to your partner is different and you can't expect there to be no consequences," says 'DrD'.

"People are used to having a certain amount of time and space, which is just theirs. In good relationships you promote the autonomy or independence of the other person, and that is good for the relationship because when you come back from being somewhere, you can come back and share your day. Lockdown puts that under a huge amount of stress."

Listen below to a very short but impactful Thrive with 'DrD' podcast around this issue.

Couple fighting

Meanwhile, several months down the line and many of us are still trying to get our heads around this so-called 'new normal'. 'DrD'  has practical advice about how to assess your own mental health and when to turn to a professional for help.

Listen to her 14 minute podcast below, and please share it with a loved one who might be struggling through this period.

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