Safe post-pregnancy exercises

Safe post-pregnancy exercises

Get your body in shape with these exercise tips from vlogger Sarah Fit.

Pregnant woman doing morning exercise at home
Pregnant woman doing morning exercise at home/ iStock

Most women put on extra weight when they are pregnant.

Although some women shed the weight off after giving birth, others struggle to get back in shape.

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Shedding off the weight is not easy and requires discipline.

It is important to eat healthily and exercise, but not all exercises are safe after giving birth.

Vlogger Sarah Fit has put together safe exercises women can do after giving birth.

Below is the video:

Precaution: Speak to your health practitioner before going back to exercise and ask which ones are safe for you to do, especially if you gave birth via c-section. 

Image courtesy of iStock/ @Prostock-Studio

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