Seven ways to help you choose the best wedding dress

Seven ways to help you choose the best wedding dress

Get the perfect wedding dress for your body with these easy tips.

Wedding dress

One of the most important days in any woman’s life is her wedding day. Women go all out to look their best for the day.

While getting the right make-up done and choosing the decor is high up on the list of priorities, one of the most important things that tops the list for any bride is the wedding dress. 

But with so many designs on the market, any bride would tell you that choosing a perfect wedding dress can be a mission and a half. It can get overwhelming. 

My personal opinion is that all wedding dresses are beautiful, mainly because they represent something special and cater for different people with different tastes. The trick is just finding one that will leave you looking and feeling absolutely gorgeous. 

So to all the brides-to-be out there, here are seven things that can help you choose the perfect wedding dress.

Shop your shape - this is key!

There will always be a variety of silhouettes to choose from; from a sexy mermaid shape to an A-line shape etc. The good thing about the variety is that no matter what your body type or shape is, there is a dress for every bride. So it’s all about finding a dress to balance off your figure. Sometimes the wrong dress for your shape may make you appear shorter or wider than you actually are. 

Choose a dress that incorporates an element of your style identity or personality

In other words pick a dress that has elements of your personality; let your dress reflect your style and personality. Take a look at your day-to-day choice of clothing to get an idea of your style personality. Someone who is shy and doesn’t like revealing their body might opt for a dress that does not show off their cleavage or is too tight, while someone who is a bit formal might want to choose a dress that has sleeves etc. 

Choose a colour that compliments your skin tone

Whether you are getting married in a white, pink or purple dress, the trick is to chose a dress colour that compliments your skin tone. When it comes to white, it may be a challenge telling different types of whites apart. For this one you may need the assistance of a consultant. What the consultant can do for you is that she/he may show you two types of white. The whites differ in that some whites have a yellow undertone, and some are warmer and others have this blush/rosy white. The importance of telling apart the different whites is so that you may pick the kind of white that blends harmoniously with your skin tone.

Fit different dresses

Don’t assume that a dress will look good on you by merely looking at it. Fit different types of dresses and see which style looks best on you. If you are thinking of ordering a dress online, you may want to go to a wedding-gown shop and try on different styles of dresses before deciding on ordering online, especially if you are thinking of shipping the dress.  

Get the right size

There is nothing worse than wearing a dress that is either too tight or too lose. So choose the right size and make sure the dress suits you well. 

Choose a dress that’s easy to ensemble

You can mess-up a beautiful dress by not knowing how to put it on properly. Make sure you choose a dress that would be easy to ensemble. If you are planning to do a lot of dancing, choose a dress that you will be comfortable in, unless you are planning to change into another attire after the ceremony. Don't forget to choose a dress that will coordinate with the kind of location/environment that your wedding ceremony will be held in. 

Speak to a consultant

If you find that you are still confused after you have tried on different dresses, speak to a consultant. Consultants are trained to help brides-to-be to make the best decisions when it comes to their dress choices. 

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Do you remember how many dresses you had to go through to get to your perfect dress? 

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