Should you post your partner on social media?

Should you post your partner on social media?

Is it a wise decision to post about your love life and disclose your relationship status on social media. Have your say in our poll...

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Social media has taken over the world. 

It enables people to stay in touch with their loved ones and share updates about their lives with the public. This extends to relationships as well. 

However, the big question is how wise is it to share about one's love life on social media. 

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Television personality La La, whose real name is Alani Nicole, took to Instagram to share that this was a discussion she recently had at a dinner outing with some people. 

"Should you post your partner on social media?" she began by asking. 

She went on to discuss how there were different views on the matter. 

"A lot of guys said no I'm not gonna post my girl on social media. I don't want everybody in my business, I don't want people to know them," she said. 

"But then, the females at the table were saying that the only reason guys don't want to post them is because they don't want other girls to know they are in a relationship. This way, if you don't post your partner, you could still be out there doing your thing," she further explained. 

The TV personality, however, said the ladies at the table said hiding their partners is a way of protecting their relationship. 

"And then a lot of girls said I don't post my man on social media because I don't want everybody in my business. I want to protect my relationship, that's how things get messy," La La said.  

She further went on to ask if there is a "deadline to say after this time, it is okay to post your partner?". 

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Have your say in the poll below: 

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