Six things you can do at home to help your child excel in school

Six things you can do at home to help your child excel in school

What your children do when they get home can help them or disadvantage them when it comes to their studies. Doing these six things will help your children excel in school.

Mother helping son with homework
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The home environment plays a role in how children do at school.

Offering your children support and making the home environment study-friendly will help them do better in school.

Here are things parents and guardians can do to support young ones in school.

Set aside time for doing homework

Not all children are disciplined enough to do their homework alone.

As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to train your children to do their homework. Set aside a specific time after school that your child knows is for doing homework.

Ensure that you stick to the time, and if they finish early, let them use the remaining time to study.

Help your child with homework

Check that your child understands his or her homework and help them where you can. Remember not to give them all the answers, or in other words, do their homework for them. Try to see what they understand and what they are failing to understand. 

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Check your child’s marks

Don’t wait for the school report to know how your child is coping in class. On a daily or weekly basis, sit down with them and ask how they are doing. Check their marks and talk about ways of improvement. If they are doing well, encourage them to continue. If they are struggling, look at alternative ways to help them. This might include talking to the teachers or signing your child up for extra lessons. 

Manage screen time

Many children love to watch television and play video games. Unless you discipline them, they might watch TV or be on the phone all the time.

Remember, children need to have enough rest so that they wake up refreshed for school. So, don’t allow them to spend all their time watching television or being on the phone.

Give them a break for playing

Even though children need to do their homework and study, they also need time to play and spend time with you having fun. Allow them the time to play with you, their friends, and their other siblings.

Reward them for doing well

It is said that a compliment goes a long way. Children thrive on compliments. When your child has done well, celebrate their success. You can even reward them for their hard work. This will encourage them to want to do better.

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