Social media has found a new Nelson Mandela doppelgänger

Social media has found a new Nelson Mandela doppelgänger

Do you think this man looks like Nelson Mandela? 

Nelson Mandela lookalike
Nelson Mandela lookalike/ Facebook screenshot

They say that everyone in the world has a doppelgänger.

Over the years, we have been exposed to some people who look like celebrities such as Beyoncé, J.Lo and Michael Jackson.

But, the world was never ready for this doppelgänger!

A photo of a man who looks like Nelson Mandela has been trending on Facebook.

The photo was loaded by social media user Tebogo Thobe G.

According to the post, the old man resides in the North West at Maboloka. He is even called Mandela by people in his area.

"Nelson Mandela was found in maboloka," wrote Tebogo Thobe G.

“I know him too ... neke tsena leena Church ... I used to call him Mandela too,” one Facebook user commented.

“Yea even here they call him Mandela,” another user said.

Other social media users said they want to see him in the next Mandela movie that will be made.

"On a real thou, if mandem decide to make another Nelson Mandela movie, they should locate this guy, bakhe bame kancinci ooMorgan Freeman noo Idris Alba ngoku they've already secured the Bag bona," wrote a Facebook user.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ @Tebogo Thobe G

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