Somizi gets real about racism in the LGBTIQ+ community

Somizi gets real about racism in the LGBTIQ+ community

June is Pride Month. Somizi Mhlongo says there is nothing to celebrate until the discrimination within the LGBTIQ+ community has been dealt with. 

Somizi Mhlongo
Somizi Mhlongo / Instagram

 The LGBTIQ+ community has been dealing with discrimination for many years and continues to fight for their rights.

The sad reality, as stated by Somizi Mhlongo, is that even within the community, members discriminate against each other.

Somizi took to Instagram to address the racism and classism that exists within the LGBTIQ+ community.

The television star says he has always had an issue with the different Pride marches that happen in South Africa. He claims they are not inclusive of people from poor backgrounds.

“I find it not to be inclusive at all, at all. From the outside it looks inclusive because when we march there is blacks, there’s coloureds, there is Indians, there is whites,” said the star.

“But deep down there isn’t inclusivity. You look at the community that run the Prides you look at the locations that hosts the pride, they are where it is going to be suitable for white queer people to be comfortable in those spaces,” said Somizi.

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“What is it that we are celebrating if we are not going to be marching in places where most, the majority of homosexuals are affected in or at,” he added.

When it comes to classism, Somizi slammed those who look down on homosexuals from the townships.

“There are gay men that think they shoot ice-cream. They think gays from the hood are low-class, cheap, gays that don't wear couture are uneducated,” said Somizi.

"When they walk into the club they have their own little corner and they look down on homosexuals who are attacked and stabbed in the hood, beaten to the pulp and say they deserve it because they go to cheap taverns

He said the classism and racism needs to end.

His video sparked debate on social media.

"I think you are very right and having these things at the Township may just be the vehicle we need to stop the hate," wrote one user.

"Somg63, I don't think Racism/Classism is experienced in de LGBTIQ+ community ,even heterosexual experience dat as well. Most Peeps are not open minded, lack of compassion nd empathy towards adas. If humans can get to a place where de see themselves as spiritual beings living in temporary human form, somehow will be more accepting, less judgmental and enjoy dis gift of life," another user wrote.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @ Somizi

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