Three natural ways to increase your breast milk production

Three natural ways to increase your breast milk production

Experiencing breastfeeding issues? We bring you three natural ways to increase your breast milk production.


Some women struggle to produce enough milk to breastfeed their babies. The first few days after birth are the most challenging, and some women even give up breastfeeding because of a lack of milk production.

However, there’s a way in which women can increase breast milk production. We take a look at some of the things moms can do to increase their breast milk volumes.

- Breastfeed often

Breast milk creation is all about supply and demand. The more your baby demands, the more your body creates. So the number one secret in increasing breast milk is to feed your baby as often as you can.

- Eat the right food

Food plays a role in breast milk production. You have to eat healthy food for the sake of your baby and yourself. Fill up on fruits and vegetables because of their nutritional value. Garlic and carrots are known to boost lactation in nursing mothers.

- Drink lots of liquid

Your body can't make milk if you're dehydrated. Drinking water replaces fluid lost during lactation and also increases the volume of the milk you produce. So drinking water as often as you can will really benefit you. 

Do you know any other natural ways of increasing breast milk? Share with us below. 

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