Three things to consider before quitting your job

Three things to consider before quitting your job

Thinking about resigning from your job?  Here are three things you need to consider before you quit. 

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Before you hand in your letter of resignation to your manager, you might want to ask yourself these three questions. 

Scores of South Africans are currently thinking about changing their jobs for various reasons.

Some want higher salaries or are looking for a change, while others hate their managers.

But with South Africa's economy technically in a recession, many companies are cutting back on staff, which means finding another job will not be as easy as you think. 

Before you make a final decision on whether to leave your job in search of better prospects, ask yourself these questions.

Have you grown as much as you can?

Many people find themselves stuck in the same position at a company for years, and get bored or start to resent the work they do. Before you decide to move one, think about how you can grow at your current company, and then consider the steps you need to take. Sometimes all you need is growth, and not a new job at a different company. 

Can the challenges be fixed?

Some people hate their jobs because they can't stand their manager and/or certain colleagues who make their time at work a miserable experience. Others feel overworked or are stressed about unreasonable deadlines. Communication is key. Try building better relationships with your colleagues, by talking about the issues you feel need to be addressed. If that doesn't work, try mediation or  minimising your interaction with bad colleagues - where possible. You could also consider a transfer to another branch if things are really that bad. Don't let bad employees ruin your experience at a good company. 

If your job affecting your health? 

Does the thought of going to work depress you so much in the morning that you cannot even get yourself out of bed? Do you start to experience anxiety as you approach your office building, or wish you could get hit by a bus just to get some time off work? If this is you, then you seriously need to think about whether your job is worth it. Numerous studies have found that hating your job can affect your health. Unfortunately, many people have bills to pay or they are their family's sole breadwinner, and have to put up with bad jobs. But you can take steps to get out of a bad situation. Think hard about your career goals, and figure out a plan of action on how you can achieve them. Take steps to reaching your goals daily - no matter how small. This will help improve your mood at your current job while you plan your exit strategy. Staying at a job that affects your mental and physical health is not worth it in the long run, and you definitely should consider changing jobs. 

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