Tips to help you stay in shape in winter

Tips to help you stay in shape in winter

You don't need to gain weight this winter. Here is how you can stay in shape! 

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Weight gain is common during winter, but you don't have to form part of the statistics. 

Here is how you can lower your chances of putting on the extra weight. 

Be disciplined in exercise

The winter season can result in a lot of people missing the gym. Lack of exercise can contribute to weight gain. 

If you are too lazy to go to the gym, rather walk, run, or swim. Remember your end goal and be disciplined in exercise.

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Watch what you eat 

In winter, many people tend to eat hearty meals. 

Vetkoeks, chips, etc. are also some of the favourites for most people in winter. But eating foods that are fatty or large portions can result in gaining weight. Be intentional about eating healthy and the right portions. 

Avoid taking in too much sugar

Tea/ coffee is also the preferred choice of beverage for many people. If you put sugar into these beverages, you might find yourself taking in too much sugar which might result in weight gain. 

Drink water 

Drinking enough water can help you not to overeat, especially if you drink water before your meals. 

Experts also say that drinking water can also help increase your metabolism by up to 20%. So one of the smartest ways to keep your body in shape this winter is to drink the required amount of water. 

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