The top 20 baby names of 2020 have been predicted

The top 20 baby names of 2020 have been predicted

Baby name website, Nameberry, has released names that are likely to be popular in 2020.

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We know that naming your child is a big deal. You want a name that will be special and have a significant meaning.

While some parents prefer to name their children after themselves, favourite celebs or their grandparents, others want to give their children unique names.

So, if you need inspiration or want a new name for your baby, here are the predicted 2020 names by Nameberry.


Adah (Hebrew name which means 'beautiful')

Reese (The name means 'ardent' or 'fiery')

Mika (The name means 'beautiful fragrance')

Paisley (A Scottish name meaning 'church' or 'cemetery')

Amina (Arabic name for 'trustworthy')

Teagan (An Irish name for 'attractive', 'beautiful' or 'perfect')

Nova (A Latin name meaning 'new')

Aura  (Latin name which means 'wind' or 'breath')


Billie (The name means 'determination' or 'strength')


Austin (The name means 'magic', 'dignity' or 'venerable') 

Alva (Hebrew name for 'brightness, exalted, exalted one')

Acacius (Latin name meaning three things - thorny or innocent or not evil)

Tate (The name means 'cheerful')

Diego (The Spanish name for 'supplanter')

Easton (The name means 'east-facing place')

Lucius (A Latin name meaning 'light'). 


Ash (A Hebrew name that means 'happy')

Luca (Italian name which means 'bringer of light' or 'citizen')

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