Uncovering Wealth and Wisdom: An inspiring interview with TymeBank CCO Cheslyn Jacobs

Uncovering Wealth and Wisdom: An inspiring interview with TymeBank CCO Cheslyn Jacobs

In the latest episode of ‘The Money Podcast’, we sit down with Cheslyn Jacobs, the Chief Commercial Officer of TymeBank – billed as one of the world’s fastest-growing digital banks. 


Cheslyn shares his incredible journey from growing up in the Cape Flats to climbing the corporate ladder and the lessons he has learned about money, people, and wealth along the way. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration, direction, and motivation to reach for bigger dreams. 

Cheslyn's story is not only incredibly inspiring for all South Africans, but also speaks to our unique history and aspirations as a country.

Last week in The Money Podcast, hosts Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester sat down with Adii Pienaar, a trailblazer and highly successful tech entrepreneur, to discuss his greatest accomplishments and setbacks with money. 

Adii, co-founder of WooThemes/WooCommerce and author of 'Life Profitability', candidly shared his biggest regrets, the valuable lessons he learned as a tech entrepreneur, and how he was able to build and sell two globally successful businesses from South Africa. Listen now:

Adii Pienaar on The Money Podcast

New episodes of The Money Podcast are released every Wednesday at 6am. In Season 4, Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester discussed ways to survive South Africa's recession. If you're a new listener, find all The Money Podcast past episodes in the full channel below.

The Money Podcast Season 4

More about Justin and Dawie:

Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester are two self-made entrepreneurs on a mission to help South Africans become better at money. They're involved in multiple business ventures and share a common passion for financial education, self-improvement and simplicity, and these are the driving force behind all their ventures.

Justin Harrison is the author of eight personal finance books; he’s a serial entrepreneur, investor, wealth creator, popular TikToker and one of South Africa's thought leaders in the financial technology space. He is a passionate South African, father of three and avid sportsman who believes deeply that South Africa is one of the best countries in the world.

Dawie Bester is also a personal finance author, personal finance coach, entrepreneur and investor, and has been on the forefront of the digital finance revolution for the last decade. He's a father of two, an avid sportsman, and believes that South Africans can prosper with the correct motivation and direction.

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