University students share tips for first-year arrivals

University students share tips for first-year arrivals

Going to university for the first time in 2018? Prepare yourself with the below tips from other university students and graduates. 


The transition from High School to University is not an easy one. It comes with lots of responsibilities and change.

Sadly, for many students, the change can be overwhelming.

Half of the students drop out during their first year, and out of those who make it through, just under half of them graduate, said director of the Academic Development Centre at the University of Johannesburg to eNCA in 2015.

This could be because many young people go to University without being thoroughly prepared or ready for it.

The fact that you made it through high school does not necessarily mean you will make it in university. 

It takes discipline, hard work, focus, and determination to succeed. 

Below, university students share their tips for first years:

Phuti Kgongoana – a Music Theatre graduate from Tshwane University of Technology

Don’t get too excited about the freedom away from home. Guard yourself because it’s easy to lose yourself in the hype and this can affect your focus in your studies and you will find yourself in a confusing space.

Motlatso Rampedi – a PhD Demography Student at Wits

Do or attempt your tutorials. Some may not be compulsory but by doing them you can gauge/identify early the things you do not understand or ask the lecturer about things you are confused about to avoid getting surprised in tests or exams.

Kgopotso Nkoe - a Masters Degree Law student at University of Pretoria

Discover who you are fully, but don’t compromise or despise the advice of your parents or elders. Don’t do anything that doesn’t give you peace.

Refentse Lebogo – a Nursing graduate at S G Lourence

Be aware of your own weaknesses and strengths, and choose a course which is in line with your strengths so that you can pass. And after you have chosen your course, don't shift your focus and change your course just because you see other people doing other courses. 

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