UNLOCK in the lockdown - the uber of tutoring!

UNLOCK in the lockdown - the uber of tutoring!

This week's Good Things Guy podcast on JacPod is all about a new lockdown business that's impressed Brent Lindeque.

Brent Lindeque talks to UNLOCK

What started as a casual conversation about how unbelievable it is that lockdown has put universities and the world on pause ended up being the first step in creating UNLOCK.

UNLOCK began as a solution to the trials and tribulation that came with online learning during the nationwide lockdown and is growing to become an all-inclusive student platform.

Friends, Luke Tollman and Elijah Greenhill, had always had a keen interest in innovating, inspiring and giving back.

Tollman advises that, “This site and platform is a result of countless hours of work and effort to make sure that each and every person that comes across UNLOCK has the best experience possible.”

Luke and Elijah join Brent Lindeque to chat about their amazing new lockdown business.

Listen to their conversation below.

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