VIDEO: Athlete climbs Table Mountain barefoot

VIDEO: Athlete climbs Table Mountain barefoot

This athlete and fitness influencer decided to tackle Table Mountain without any shoes!

Adam Radcliffe
Instagram/ Adam Radcliffe

International athlete and fitness influencer Adam Radcliffe decided to climb up Table Mountain barefoot. 

"It's not a trip to Cape Town without a Table Mountain climb… decided to christen my first with a barefoot attempt up its hardest route," Radcliffe wrote on Instagram. 

"I had a couple of drinks and decided to climb a different way up Table Mountain. We've decided on barefoot."

Radcliff decided to climb Cape Town's most popular and beautiful mountain in the winter. 

"It's not impossible but it feels good."

"Adam is very crazy to climb barefoot," one subscriber said. 

"Dude, I have to say that must have been brutal hiking up the hill with no shoes. I did that one time and I can say after 7 minutes of hiking, I was done," another subscriber said. 

Watch the video below: 

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Image Credit: Instagram/ Adam Radcliffe

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