WATCH: Couples are now staging public proposals

WATCH: Couples are now staging public proposals

A fake public proposal rejection?


A video was shared on social media by @ButterMamas, showing a young lady rejecting a proposal from her partner who was down on one knee holding a ring.

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Because it is staged it had to be dramatic, the lady pretended to be shocked when she saw her partner holding the ring. However, the family was waiting to hear her say yes. But she opted build up suspense and say no.

When she was asked to give the reason why she said” I don’t like the ring” and added that they are already engaged to be married and this was all part of the announcement plot.

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Although the family cheered in excitement once they heard the news, social media weighed in on it and they were devided with some finding it hilarious and some not so much.

See the video below:

Image credit: Twitter/ @ButterMamas

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