WATCH: Experts advise against posting kids on social media

WATCH: Experts advise against posting kids on social media

Should you be concerned about your child being on social media?

kids on social media

A TikTok posted by @hashtagfacts made its rounds following the controversy around one toddler’s TikTok account and how such exposure can put the child in harm’s way.

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Wren Eleanor is a toddler whose TikTok account is managed by her mom and has since gone viral for both innocent and not-so-innocent reasons.

The account sits at 17.3-million followers, but conversations around the account started when most TikTok moms noticed the number of saves the little girl's videos would receive, as well as the vulgar comments attached.

Shortly after, people started suggesting that the mother refrains from posting the little girl in inappropriate outfits and clothing.

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One comment was asking if the toddler is "single" and others referring to the three-year-old as a "hottie".

Watch the video below:

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