WATCH: The not-so-dreamy engagement ring

WATCH: The not-so-dreamy engagement ring

A case of 'You know I love you, right? But…'

Engagement ring

Imagine having to tell your partner you hate the ring they proposed with? Doesn’t sound like a conversation you would like to have...

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TikTok user @beefinnagain shared a story to express how she felt about her engagement ring. She explained the way she told her now-husband that the ring was not quite her style.

As usual, social media is a public platform and most people weighed in labelling her as "ungrateful".

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Watch the video below:

@beefinnagain He took it so well 🥲 #engagement #proposalgonewrong #ring #engagementring #weddingring ♬ Wii - Mii Channel - Super Guitar Bros

Image credit:  @beefinnagain

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