What the doctors say about dyeing your baby’s hair

What the doctors say about dyeing your baby’s hair

If videos on YouTube is anything to go by, it seems dyeing your toddler’s hair is a great idea, but is it? This is what doctors had to say.

Person dying hair

Everyone’s dyeing their hair these days, and it seems some parents are doing it on their kids as well.

One parent, Alyssa Presley, posted a video of her dyeing her three-year-old’s hair on YouTube. The video caused such a stir, with people slamming Alyssa for putting her daughter’s health at risk.

Does dyeing baby hair put baby’s hair at risk? We looked at what the experts had to say.

“Parents should not dye their baby’s hair,” says Dr. Adewuyi from Casternhoff hospital in Midrand.

“A baby’s head and hair is still very fragile for chemicals, and it’s important that parents don’t do anything that might jeopardise the baby’s health,” adds Dr. Immaculate Maloma from F H Odendaal Hospital.

Doctor Michael Gannon, Australian Medical Association (AMA) President told Mamamia “children have developing bodies and it’s at least plausible that there might be a level of risk exposing young children to these kinds of chemicals. There’s is evidence that these chemicals get into the bloodstream so it’s plausible there could be some sort of risk.”

Doctor Robert Dorin, a hair transplant surgeon, told NTDTV that dyes which contain Phenylenediamine, Coal tar, Lead Acetate, DMDM Hydantoin and Resorcinol should be avoided as they can damage hair and cause other health problems even in adults.

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