Why it’s important to save for the extra costs associated with school

Why it’s important to save for the extra costs associated with school

Here are some of the additional school costs you may face and how, as a parent, you can better prepare your child for the best possible education.

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Education is a fundamental human right, particularly for school-age children.

Giving your child access to an education is one of the key factors to their development.

Parents take their children to school to attain valuable lessons that if correctly taught and implemented, will assist their children to succeed.

Extra costs associated with school

The South African government has a No-fee School Policy which is ‘aimed at improving access to schools; minimising victimisation and marginalisation of poor children; reducing the burden of compulsory schooling on poor households; and improving the adequacy of funding for schools serving poor communities.’

Even if your child goes to a government school with no fees, or your child falls under learners who are exempted from paying school, there are unfortunately hidden costs that come with attending school.

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Many schools require learners to wear uniforms. Unfortunately, school uniforms are not free. Parents are still required to buy school uniforms for their children.


While some schools provide stationery, others do not. Unfortunately, parents are responsible for the cost if their child loses a book or has to replace some of the supplies.

School transport

Not all learners live close enough to walk to school. Sometimes parents must spend money on transportation to get their kids to school.


Unless your child goes to a school where lunch is provided for, you would need to have a budget for buying food that your child can carry to school.

School outings

Many schools have outings that learners are required to participate in. These trips require money. In some cases, transportation expenses, entrance fees to the venue, pocket money for children, etc. may be required from the parents.

Extracurricular activities

Sports are the most common extracurricular activity for kids. Your kids will require sports gear and equipment - which don't come cheap.


Planning is essential to avoid disappointment given all the costs that parents may incur for their children.

Having a savings account or taking out education insurance are some of the solutions you can consider. 

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