Will Smith: "I just learned what love is"

Will Smith: "I just learned what love is"

The award-winning actor opened up about learning the true meaning of love and the importance of forgiving yourself and others. 

Will Smith
Will Smith/ Facebook (Red Table Talk)

A Tik Tok video of Will Smith pouring out his heart about serious life issues has gone viral.

In the video, Smith talks about love and forgiveness. 

The star, whose unconventional marriage to Jade Pinkett Smith has been the talk of the town, says the first step to forgiving others is to forgive yourself. 

"It’s like you have to forgive people and a big part of that, you know, is forgiving yourself," he says. 

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He adds that when "we don't forgive ourselves" it makes it "impossible for us to forgive other people."

Smith also spoke about the importance of true, unconditional love. 

"I just learned what love is. Love is not punishing people and beating on them for what they did," says the father of two. 

He says what people have been reading in the press about him and his family is an experiment on unconditional love. 

"When you see things and read things in the press and you don't understand exactly what's going on, just know that everybody in my life, and everybody on my side and in my team and my wife and my ex and my children, what you are watching is an experiment on unconditional love," says the star. 

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Watch the moving video below:


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