What type of Easter chocolate are you?

WIN: What type of Easter chocolate are you?

Ever wondered how your personality matches with the different types of Easter eggs? Well, wonder no more... Plus, you can win a share of R20,000 by entering our competition.

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With Easter egg fever upon us, have you ever wondered which of these sweet delights best fits your personality? Take our quiz below:

Below is a more in-depth look at the various options you could have landed upon in our personality quiz, as well as the competition:

Marshmallow eggs: You are someone with a delightful and whimsical personality with a soft and gooey core, just like the marshmallow filling, symbolising warmth and friendliness. You are always ready to bring joy and laughter to those around you. Like the surprise inside each marshmallow egg, there might be a sense of mystery or unpredictability to your character, making interactions with you even more enjoyable. Overall, your personality is a blend of sweetness, playfulness, and a touch of delightful surprise.

Hollow Chocolate eggs: Your personality is characterised by a sense of adventure and exploration. Just like the hollow centre of the chocolate egg waiting to be discovered. You are someone who enjoys seeking out new experiences and embracing the unknown. You have a light-hearted and carefree demeanour, always open to new possibilities and unafraid of the unexpected. Your personality is described as dynamic, with a desire for variety and a willingness to break free from routine. People might find you to be spontaneous, open-minded, and perhaps a bit whimsical, adding a sense of excitement to the moments we share.

Speckled Easter eggs: Your personality is described as charmingly unique and down-to-earth. The speckles on the eggs represent a touch of individuality and a hint of rustic charm. You are someone who values authenticity and appreciates the beauty in imperfections. Similar to the playful and scattered speckles on the chocolate eggs, you have a whimsical side to your character, finding joy in life's little surprises. People see you as easygoing, with a knack for embracing the simple pleasures and finding beauty in the everyday. Overall, your personality is a delightful mix of genuine, approachable, and sprinkled with a touch of whimsy.

Chocolate Bunnies: Your personality is characterised by a sweet and nurturing demeanour. Much like the iconic symbol of bunnies. You are caring, affectionate, and inclined towards creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. You have a gentle and kind-hearted nature, always ready to support and uplift those around you. The association with chocolate bunnies suggests a certain indulgence and enjoyment of life's simple pleasures, indicating that you are someone who appreciates the sweetness in both relationships and experiences. People might see you as a source of comfort, someone who brings joy and a sense of coziness to the lives of others. Overall, your personality is described as nurturing, sweet, and delightfully warm.

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Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for... do you fancy winning a share of R20,000 in cash?

Of course you do!

How to Enter

Simply scan the Snapchat Snapcode below, snap your Easter pic, and share it on your social media accounts, tagging @Jacarandafm with the hashtag #JacaEaster and you stand the chance to win a share of R20,000!

NB: This is not a normal QR code. Entrants must use Snapchat to scan the code below.

Snapchat Snapcode for Easter 2024 Competition

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