Women's Month: Living beyond survival

Women's Month: Living beyond survival

As Women's Month comes to an end, Jacaranda FM News features amazing women who triumph on a daily basis.

Phumelele Nkomozake

Phumelele Nkomozake was born and raised in the Eastern Cape and its currently doing her final year at Rhodes University, majoring in psychology and dramatic arts, while earning extra cash by tutoring in her spare time.


Her interest in drama started in primary school. The avid writer says drama allows her to become and she draws inspiration from fellow transgender women who are living beyond survival. 


"Drama is amazing because it allows people to become, so a lot of the work in drama is inter-culturalism. This idea that the body is cultural and is a sight of a lot of knowledge and language like the culture is.”

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Nkomozake was assigned the gender male at birth. 


She says she wants to use drama to challenge society's ideas of femininity, gender and, womanhood.


"I don't think there is any sense of connection I have with South Africa's recognition of women in August. Because the reality is that our identities are not perceived to be of South African heritage and history of women. This is despite the work we have contributed to shaping this country. Black transgender women have been part of South Africa's history, but that has not been documented."


Nkomozake says the government needs to strengthen policies that cement its decisions, as it should be easy for her to go to Home Affairs and correct her name and gender on her identity document.


She also believes it is important for schools to have inclusive sex education. 


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