Yay or Nay: Should kids be rewarded for 100% school attendance?

Yay or Nay: Should kids be rewarded for 100% school attendance?

A parent has complained after a teacher told learners that all the kids who missed class for being sick would be 'punished' by not getting any chocolate or presents. Was this right or wrong of the teacher? 

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Most schools reward kids for 100% school attendance. It might seem like a good idea considering some kids need motivation to go to school, but some parents feel that excluding children who miss school due to illness is unfair.  

One of the parents took to Netmums, a parenting website, to complain. 

She says kids being excluded due to being sick rubs her off the wrong way. 

"I'm starting to get really annoyed , my girl ash age 6 her school head mistress is big on attendance," she wrote.

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She added that the teacher has a monthly reward system, and anyone who misses class, regardless of the reasons, gets excluded from getting a reward. 

"Every month the teachers give out prizes in class to kids well dine you 100 % attendance.. all you others who were ill n had a say off noooo no chocolate n pressie for you!". 

The parent ended her comment by being sarcastic and saying that she will bring her sick child to school just so that she doesn't feel left out when it is time for the kids to receive rewards for not missing school. 

 "Hello excuse me ? Ok next time my kid throwing up ill bring her in ? So she sees not feel cast aside n shames for being ill !@!!"she wrote.

Some of the parents agreed with her, while others said the incentives are not a bad thing. 

"This isn’t a new thing. I only got it once and I’m still proud! It helps the kids (like my eldest) who prefers to stay off for every small cold rather than go into school. I would say it’s a positive rather than a negative thing," one user commented. 

Another parent said her kids have special needs and might miss school, so what the teacher is doing would be discrimination. 

"This also penalises kids with physical illness or SEND related issues both my kids are special needs and I wouldn’t be happy about this," she wrote. 

Another parents said the prize giving for 100% school attendance is nothing new and the mom should'nt worry much as the child will get the reward in another term. 

"There has always been prizes handed out in schools for many different things. Easter competitions, winners at dress up days, behaviour points, sports day.. the list goes on. Attendance is not just monitored annually so hopefully she will get a prize next time. It works 2 fold for the school. If attendance levels are low for the school then they face consequences so by offering prizes the kids that may not be quite that ill will be encouraged to go in. Obviously your little one was too poorly to go in but why not encourage her in other competitions that reward effort and things she's good at," wrote one parent. 

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