10 ways to save on your grocery bill

10 ways to save on your grocery bill

Stressed about how you going to make it through January? Here are ten ways you can save on your grocery bill.

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The holiday season is officially coming to an end, but with payday at least three weeks away (for most people), it is going to be a long wait. 

The first week of January usually means a lot of reflecting on all the money you wasted during the holidays, which means a tighter budget for the rest of the month.  One of the places where you can save money is with your grocery bill. Food usually costs a lot of money, but there are a few tips and tricks to avoid wasting money.

So here are ten ways you can save on your grocery bill:

Only buy essentials

Though it may be tempting to stick to your old grocery list; you may need to cut down on some of the food items you love.
Stick to the essentials and let your family know that some of their favourite foods may not make it on the list because of food prices going up.

Write a list

Do not just go to a store and walk row by row seeing what can make it into your trolley. Have a list with only your essentials on it.
Although it’s nice to buy yourself a packet of sweets and chips, do not put it in your trolley unless it was part of your list.

Make sure you get the best deal (compare brands)

It is important to compare brands if you are trying to save.
Sometimes you may find that the store brand might be a lot cheaper than your favourite brand. As long as the quality is the same, it may be a good idea to buy what is affordable.

Go to a cheaper store

If you are trying to save, it may be a good idea to compare prices from different stores.
Sometimes this may mean going to get food at stores that are not necessarily your favourite, but bear in mind, as long as the quality is good, it's ok to change stores.

Buy in bulk

Sometimes buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. You may think R5 or even R10 is not a lot of money, but when you add all the money up, you may find that you have saved a fortune.

Have your groceries delivered

Some grocery stores deliver to their customers. If you are pro buying online, having your groceries delivered can help you save on your petrol. This will also eliminate you having to face the temptation that comes with going shopping and laying your eyes on fabulous items you know you can't afford.

Buy in the best time of the month

Many stores reduce their prices in the middle of the month because most people would have done their grocery shopping at month end. So it may be a good idea to not do your grocery shopping when everyone else is, and wait for those days when stores reduce their prices. Most stores also have January sales following a bumper festive season.

Do the chopping yourself

Instead of buying ready-made salads and vegetables or chopped vegetables, do the work yourself. It works out cheaper, because the price for the ready-made ones includes labour that was done at the store.

Don’t go shopping hungry

Going to the mall hungry is a bad idea. You will end up stopping at a restaurant or buying take-aways just to satisfy the hunger.So rather leave your home on a full stomach, especially if you are going to spend hours at the mall.

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